ATER Recruitment

The eMundus platform allows you to recruit teachers according to your selection criteria.

Main benefits of the solution : ATER Recruitment

The eMundus solution will offer you many advantages.

Save time with eMundus
Be faster from the platform

Be quicker

The eMundus platform will allow you to gain efficiency in the various phases of your recruitment. Save precious time with a practical tool !

Gain visibility

Make your ATER recruitment visible with an easy-to-access application form. The user experience will become better for your candidates.

Make your recruitment visible
ATER recruitment visible through the form
The eMundus platform automates many tasks
Automation of tasks from the platform

Automate tasks

By automating many tasks, the eMundus platform will make it possible to devote more time and energy to more essential tasks.

Useful features : ATER Recruitment


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