Let yourself be seduced by the online application management to save you time. With eMundus, you can easily organize your application campaigns.

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Collect a large number of applications
Collect more applications

Collect many applications

Easily receive more applications by customizing your application forms. This will provide you with all the information you need to carry out your evaluation.

Select the best students

Evaluate each file with your selection criteria. Plan your interviews to meet the student candidates. With eMundus, accelerate the recruitment process while improving candidate tracking for a more humane approach.

Select the best folders with eMundus
Select the best students
Export files from the eMundus platform
Export all the files you need

Exporting data

Export the data you need in the format you want (pdf, excel, zip). Generate useful documents for managing your recruitment campaign. Finally, study the statistics of each campaign.

Our solutions for Universities

eMundus Student Application Solution
Student application management platform


Simply gather all the student files to select the best ones. eMundus saves you time with its customizable platform.

eMundus Professional and Continuing training Solution
Professional and continuing training management platform

Professional and continuing training

Manage your applications more easily. Define the fields of your online form, configure the management of online payments... So many features you need.

eMundus Scholarship Allocation Solution
Scholarship award management platform

Allocation of sholarships

Simplifiez l'accès aux informations liées à l'attribution de bourses étudiantes. Vérifiez la conformité de chacun des dossiers. eMundus vous permet de configurer le portail candidat le mieux adapté à votre cible.

International Mobility Solution
International Mobility Management Platform

International mobility

Manage your international training programs. Make international mobility accessible to all your students.

eMundus Internal Mobility Solution
Internal mobility management platform

Internal mobility

The eMundus solution facilitates the internal mobility of your staff between different sectors.

eMundus Bonus Allocation Solution
Bonus allocation management platform

Allocation of bonuses

The eMundus solution offers you the possibility to manage the attribution of bonuses easily. The platform makes it easy to collect and process teacher-researcher files.

Student application solution for eMundus short courses
Application management platform for short courses

Short courses

Make your short courses visible with easy access to the application form. The eMundus solution makes it easy for you to process student files.

eMundus Student Employment Solution
Student job management platform

Student jobs

Collect job offers to make them visible to your students from the platform.

ATER eMundus recruitment solution
ATER Recruitment Management Platform

ATER Recruitment

Encourage an easy application for teachers who wish to prepare a thesis. Process their applications simply with the eMundus platform, which offers you a wide range of features.

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