Masters Erasmus Mundus

Receiving and processing applications for an international mobility request for an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course takes time. Save time with the eMundus solution.

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We have developed the eMundus solution to meet each of your needs.

Collect applications easily with eMundus
Receive many applications

Receive many applications

With the online application form, you can determine all the information and documents you need. An online form allows anyone of different nationalities to apply.

Verify the conformity of documents

The automation offered by the eMundus solution makes it possible to process only admissible files (some documents can be checked automatically) and above all complete.

Automation of repetitive tasks with the platform
Check each item in the folders
Evaluate candidates' files
Select the best students

Select students

The platform allows for a larger number of applications to be processed and for the rapid selection of students to receive scholarships to study abroad.

Our solution for Masters Erasmus Mundus

Discover the solution that has been designed for you :

Solution Masters Erasmus Mundus
Application management platform for erasmus mundus masters courses

Masters Erasmus Mundus

Students from all over the world can apply using the online application form. Choose the required fields and allow your candidates to save their progress in their folder construction.

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