Simplify the management of your calls for projects with the eMundus online platform. Increase your efficiency !


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Your needs: Foundations

The eMundus platform allows you to meet your needs.

Collect more applications with eMundus
Collect more project files

Collect many projects

With a personalized application form, you will be able to collect more applications from your website. We offer you a customized offer so that it can be adapted to your requirements.

Choose the best files

eMundus will allow you to process a much larger number of files while saving time ! This will allow you to select the best projects according to your criteria.

Choose the best projects and candidates
Choose the best files
Measure performance on the platform dashboard
Measure the success of your campaigns

Evaluate your performance

The platform delivers indicators with graphs to help you measure the success of your application campaigns and improve from year to year.

Our solutions for Foundations

Discover now the solutions for your organization.

Calls for projects solution
Management platform for calls for projects

Calls for projects

Work as a team from the platform to manage your calls for projects. Evaluate each candidate's file according to your selection criteria. The objective ? Save you time !

Allocation of grants solution
Grant Award Management Platform

Allocation of grants

eMundus also allows you to manage the allocation of grants. Automatically check the required documents for compliance.

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