Simplify the organization of competitions with the eMundus platform. It offers you all the features you need.

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The eMundus platform offers you the opportunity to meet your needs.

Collect more files with the eMundus solution
Collect more files from your participants

Collect many files for your competition

eMundus allows you to easily collect a large number of participant files via a customized application form. You define it with the required and optional fields or the documents to be attached.

Select the best participants

Study each file according to your criteria. Give rewards to the best candidates. And let the public vote decide if you wish !

Evaluate application files one by one
Select the best participants in your competition
Study and analyze statistics with graphs
Measure the success of your competitions

Study the statistics of your competitions

Measure the participation rate in your contest to discover its success. Quantify all your results via a dashboard on the eMundus platform. At a glance, you will have assessed your performance.

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