Newsletter March-April 2018

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Spring time

Logo Banquiz

eMundus & Banquiz

eMundus has been selected to be a part of "La Banquiz", a start-up booster in La Rochelle.
"La Banquiz" is a booster for digital and technological sowtware in Open Source.

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Logo Pulpe

eMundus & Pulpe

A new intern arrived at eMundus thanks to Pulpe program, an innovation booster.
James Dean, a student in computer science, will work on the creation of a new saas solution.

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Site eMundus

New website eMundus

eMundus' website has been renewed sto be easier to navigate and to be more pleasant to look at. Come discover it.

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A page for EMJMD programs

A special space has been created for EMJMD (Erasmus Mundus masters). This page displays all the information for those clients about the platform.

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Andromeda update

Andromeda update

New update for eMundus has occured. Many functionalities and enhancements has been added and done.

Those new functionnalities will only be available on recent platforms of eMundus.

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L'énigme de Hugo

Hugo's riddle

Here is the new riddle from Hugo, our web developper. See you in the next two month for the answer.
Always useful in the dark: ..... .---- ----- ..--- ----. ..... .---- ·-·-·- .---- -····- --··-- .---- .---- ..--- ---.. ..... ..... .---- ·-·-·- -.... ....-

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