eMundus update

Andromeda update

A new update to the eMundus platform has recently been added. It includes new functionalities and multiple changes to the applications fonctionalities.
In order to make updates easier to keep track of, we have decided to name them after constellations. This version is Andromeda.


Multiple user profiles

From now on, a platform coordinator can switch from an administrator profile to the role of a candidate directly from his account, without having to log out and create a second account. This makes things like testing the candidacy forms much simpler.

LDAP support

eMundus can now be intergrated with an LDAP system. You can import contact from the LDAP system your organization uses. This allows coordinators to select users form the LDAP tree and generate an account for them with the specified profile.

See emails sent to a candidate from their file

Candidacy files now have a new tab. This email view allows you to see all messages send to the candidate by the platform.


File exports

This feature has recieved a few major updates:

  • Excel file format export is now more fully fledged and offers more options;
  • the export dialog box has been reworked to be more intuitive and include more options
  • PDF exports now have granular control allowing individual form items to be selected


The agenda system has also recieved some tweaks:

  • the agenda can now function without the Google API. This means that you no longer need to link the eMundus agenda to a gmail account.
  • emails sent to platform coordinators when an event is booked or cancelled can now be silenced. This helps cut down on the number of emails sent by the eMundus system.
  • the name of booked events can now be customized, the prefix can be whatever you wish : [PREFIX] [EVENT NAME].

Account creation

When a user attempts to create an account using an email address that has already been used, an email will be sent allowing this user to create a new application for that programme.


It is now possible to set default filters for the Files, Evaluation, Decision, and Admission pages.


The emailing system has been completely refreshed with new features and improvements, for example: attachments can now be added.

Orange alert triangle

The triangular orange icon which made a lot of users think something was wrong has now been removed. The application is now a calmer place.