eMundus update

eMundus update 6.3

The eMundus application recently received an important update with a few new features.

1. A page to keep track of the admission process

From your coordinator environment, you can now access the Admission page which will give you information about the applicants you received and how the registration process is advancing.
The info is customizable, so you have every detail you need about the candidates that's fits your admissions procedure.

2. A page to follow payments

This page contains all in-going payments in order to help you manage them more efficiently.
You can follow every step of the payments by candidates, but also set different rates for applicants based on the grants they may have received.

3. Booking interviews

With this new functionality, you'll be able to organize interviews, which are a key part the admission process.
The coordinator (you) will set time slots for interviews and assign a member of the jury to each.
The candidate will then - during his or her registration - choose one of the available time slots and book it for his interview. He will then receive a confirmation email with all the information he needs.
The coordinator (still you) will also be notified during the booking or the cancelation of an interview (this option can be disabled).

The update also contains multiple enhancements and bug fixes.